A great day to be alive!

The journey of recovery from an SCA is a tough winding one that will undoubtedly have many ups and downs, and sometimes it worth just taking a moment to reflect on those peaks when they happen.

With my son I was attending a new local event on the Park Run schedule – Hadleigh Park – which was the stunning venue of the 2012 Olympic Mountain biking events.

Today was the inaugral event and on this cool October morning the sun gods gave their blessing with a gloriously sunny display.

There was a buzz of excitement in the air as my son and many others were tackling the tough course.   The dogs doing the event were hyped up too  and even the local cows were interested and taking heed of the warning signs!

Certainly today was one of the those days that makes you realise it’s a great to be alive!

park-run-start-crowd parkrun-cow

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