Poll: Member Type

Our facebook group is really thriving with now over 300 members and whenever I get the chance to promote the group I do.  So when talking to a cardiologist about it he asked me what the makeup of the group was, and I thought I had an idea, but it was based on a hunch so I thought I’d find out.

So with the simple question of “What type of member are you” over a third responded and we got the following results:

[table id=2]

Which diagramatically can be shown as…


So although the group is 2/3 survivors, it’s improtant to note that we have a healthy number of partners, parents and others.  It’s clear that an SCA does not just affect the survivor, and that non survivors can gain a lot from being in the group.  Either to help understand what it’s like to be a survivor or to converse with others in a similar position to them.  So if you’ve been affected by an SCA it doesn’t matter which type of member you’d be, we’d love to have you join us.

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