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2017 Meet-Up review

Last month we had our third annual meet-up of members of Sudden Cardiac Arrest UK.  From our humble beginnings just over 2 years ago, where we had 13 attend, this year despite a few last minute drop outs we continued our exponential growth and getting on for 40 guests!  I don’t know if there are … Read more

Age at first SCA poll

A recent poll in the facebook group asked “at what age did you have your first sudden cardiac arrest?”  Nearly 100 respondants gave their answers and they can be viewed in the following chart below From looking at the chart it’s obvious that mid-life is the prime time for a sudden cardiac arrest to strike, … Read more

Cardiac arrest, ICD and your driving licence

It’s something that crops up quite often in the Facebook group – “Can I drive after my cardiac arrest and do I have to do anything to inform the DVLA, insurance etc“.  One person who was having a number of dealings on this subject was Stuart Menzies, who has a legal background and so I … Read more