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Guest post by Fiona

I subscribe to BHF Heartmatters magazine and there are some really encouraging and helpful articles this month.  There is an article about preparing for a holiday and two life stories of people who had overcome their fears and lack of confidence after their heart illness, it’s certainly something I can relate to.

I have an ICD and it has had to shock me a number of times.  Each time I just “hit the deck” so unfortunately, I get a two-year loss of licence.  I applied for an English National Concessionary Bus Pass and it has been a real confidence booster.

I was using the bus and paying and I found it very stressful if I was not sure where I needed to get off.  With my pass, I don’t have to say anything and I don’t get stressed because no one knows if I miss my stop.  It sounds crazy I know, but my confidence has grown because I feel like I look like I know what I’m doing, even when I don’t. I get around everywhere now using my pass and a bus timetable app. It’s all free and I am in control.

There are plenty of bus app’s to help you plan your journey

The application is very straightforward. I applied under section G.  Persons who if they applied, would have their application for a driving licence refused on the grounds of medical fitness.  My GP had to complete a section and you need a passport style photo. You can even ask for a companion pass if you need someone to travel with you.

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