Can you HELP?

We’re looking for inspiring, noteworthy or funny things that UK (or UK based) survivors of a cardiac arrest have done since their event.

Please send any pictures, newspapers cuttings, quotes or video you have to our email address or as a message to our Facebook Page.

We’d also love any video messages (max 30 secs) of support or goodwill for our Guinness World Record attempt in the 9th June.


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  1. Eight months after my h/a, sca in 2018, moved after 72 years in Edinburgh to Kirkwall in Orkney which are a group of islands off the north coast of Scotland. The family are now only 10 mins away from my husband and myself. Walking long distances until last September when I had a senior moment, tried out my husband’s new bike, fell off and ended up in Aberdeen RI for two weeks when I broke my right ankle in three places, requiring 3 operations in a week. Was doing well until the Achilles tendon in the same ankle ruptured about 5 weeks ago. Doing well, and should be discharged from hospital care with physio in another month. Have not missed Edinburgh at all and the move also enabled us to see the family whenever we wanted during the covid outbreak. Would have been a real trial if we had not been able to travel to Orkney to see them all, and this helped me get out and about walking daily. Thankfully, after a stent was used three years, I am back to what I was before the h/a sca and living life to the full. At the beginning when this happened I was fully supported by my husband (who did cpr until the paramedics arrived to zap me back to life twice) and family and friends and the new people I have made friends with here in Orkney are very supportive as well. The care and attention from the doctors and nurses at Edinburgh RI was first class and after 3 weeks of ‘lost memories’ I had another week in a cariac ward where I was able to get up and about and have physio to get me upstairs in the hospital before being discharged. After that I joined the online SCA group and they are very helpful if I need questions answered, and as we have all had an sca in the past it is a brilliant site to belong to. It is wonderful to be given a second chance at life and to see the grandbairns grow up and have the family visit any time they want to and vice versa.


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