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October is Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month

A cardiac arrest or when it happens unexpectedly, a Sudden Cardiac Arrest is one of the UK biggest killers with a extremely low survival rate – on average just 8.6%.  This is in contrast to the condition it is often confused with – myocardial infarction, more commonly known as a heart attack, which has a … Read more

Dr Tom Keeble – Southend Hospital – NHS Hero!

We’re pleased to announce, that Dr Tom Keeble, consultant cardiologist and supporter of Sudden Cardiac Arrest UK has won the patients prize for NHS Hero at Southend Hospital.  A fantastic accolade and well deserved, especially for all his help with the group especially the successful Guinness World Record Attempt in June.  Well done Tom! Dr … Read more

The invention of the ICD

The following post is largely taken from “The Development of Implantable Medical Devices at The Applied Physics Laboratory” By Robert E. Fischell.  It documents the history of a number important and common devices seen today including the ICD, which I’m sure many SCA survivors are familiar with but may not know the history of it’s … Read more