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Becoming a Community First Responder

“So…..basically…what you’re saying is ….go away and come back in a year’s time if you’re still alive?” “Well…yes” “Is that because the paperwork would be horrendous if I pegged it on a call?” “Well…yes” And so went my first attempt, six months after my cardiac-arrest to become a Community First Responder (CFR). CFRs are volunteers … Read more

Pediatric Cardiac Arrest Research Survey

Are you a parent of an SCA survivor who was under the age of 18 when it happened? If so, you could help influence what research is undertaken in this area by reading the following message from ILCOR PCOSCA Team and completing the referenced survey. Dear parent In 2018, the Core Outcome Set for Cardiac … Read more

2019 Sudden Cardiac Arrest Event update 1

We’ve had a few queries recently about our big cardiac arrest event later in the year and so we thought it best to let people know where we are with things. We’re still very much in the early stages of organising it but we have some more information that we can share. We would also … Read more