The Life After Cardiac Arrest podcast

I’m proud to announce that to go alongside the “Life After Cardiac Arrest” book we now have a podcast!

The podcast is hosted by me, Paul Swindell and is conversations with people whose lives have been affected by a cardiac arrest, whether that be as a patient, partner, life-saver or health professional. The podcast aims to give insight, information and hope to any others going through this life-changing event.

It’s something I’ve talked about doing for about 18 months now and I’ve finally got around to getting everything together and giving it a go. It’s my first attempt at anything like this so please be easy on me! (and my guests!)

A big thank you to all those who said yes to appearing on it and to Matt Nielson for his tireless editing.

If you like it, please do leave a positive review and follow it. Hopefully, the more who hear it the more it will help and also further our cause. We’d also appreciate you spreading the word by sharing it on your social media channels.

Where to listen

You can listen to the podcast through Spotify, Tune In and the player below.

Soon, it will also be available via iTunes, Google Podcasts, tuneIniHeartRadio and your favourite podcast player.

Podcast player:

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