Psychological aspects of a cardiac arrest with Dr Mion

In episode #010 of the Life After Cardiac Arrest podcast, Paul talks with clinical psychologist Dr Marco Mion during a live webinar to the Sudden Cardiac Arrest UK Facebook group.

Clinical psychology focuses on diagnosing and treating mental, emotional, and behavioural disorders such as depression and anxiety. Dr Mion currently works in London with Stroke patients and also at the Essex CTC where he works with those affected by a cardiac arrest.

He talks about his work at the CTC, what clinical psychology is and how it can help people affected by a cardiac arrest. His talk at last years Guinness World Record event was very well received and he will be talking again at the “Not Alone” event.

Available to listen on the link below or Spotify, Apple , Google and your favourite podcast player.

Presented by Paul Swindell and edited by Matt Nielson. Recorded May 2019

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