ICD patient education and advocacy with Doug Rachac

In episode #018 of the Life After Cardiac Arrest podcast Paul talks with Doug Rachac who is a medical device patient educator and advocate.

Prior to his own cardiac issues Doug was a Medtronic employer for many years working in a number of roles including training and education. Doug experienced a number of cardiac related blackouts and subsequently ended up with an ICD being implanted to protect him from further episodes and the possibility of a cardiac arrest.

Since then Doug has left Medtronic to focus on family life and educating patients and industry about what it is like to have an implanted device such as an ICD. He is active on various peer support groups and has his own YouTube channel. Here he covers lots of the common questions ICD owners have, explaining topics in a clear and easy to understand manner.

Available to listen on the link below or Spotify, Apple , Google and your favourite podcast player.

Presented by Paul Swindell and edited by Matt Nielson. Recorded September 2019

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