Why a heart attack and cardiac arrest are not equal

In episode #025 Paul talks about why a hearts attack and a cardiac arrests are not equal.

From a physiological point of view the events are quite different, a heart attack is a plumbing problem whereas a cardiac arrest is an electrical one.

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It should be noted that both need immediate medical attention but a cardiac arrest is perhaps the ultimate medical emergency as without immediate intervention the patient will almost certainly die.

Paul talks briefly about the actual events and then lists 10 reasons why they should not be considered equal.

This is not to undermine or denigrate a heart attack, but to help the uninitiated understand what cardiac arrest survivor and their family may be going through.

For the estimated 60% that have both they may be moot points, but for remaining cohort they can make a real difference.

  1. The severities of a heart attack vs the binary nature of a cardiac arrest.
  2. State of consciousness.
  3. The need for resuscitation.
  4. Finding a cause.
  5. The care pathway.
  6. Lifestyle choices.
  7. The psychological aspect.
  8. Brain injury.
  9. Implanted devices.
  10. Insurance.

Available to listen on the link below or Spotify, Apple , Google and your favourite podcast player.

Presented by Paul Swindell and edited by Matt Nielson. Recorded November 2019

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