Coronavirus (COVID-19) information for cardiac patients

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a serious concern for all of society but more so for those who have a health condition such as chronic heart disease or chronic respiratory disease.

See this page for a full list of conditions.

For general health information related to the virus see the NHS page.

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It is a scary time for everyone and knowledge can be key in keeping oneself safe. Below is a selection of well-regarded sources of information on the Coronavirus and how it affects patients with heart conditions.

For information from the British Heart Foundation click here or the logo below.

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And also from the American Heart Association

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World-leading cardiologist, Professor Bob Graham, discusses coronavirus (COVID-19) and how it may impact those living with cardiovascular disease and pre-existing heart conditions. Transcript available. Topics include…

  • How does coronavirus affect the heart?
  • Who is a greater risk when contracting coronavirus?
  • Preventative measures
  • Medical research into COVID-19

And from MedLifeCrisis aka British Cardiologist Dr Rohin Francis, who likes to put his own spin on things (with bad jokes!)

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  1. Very interested as Daughter had SCA 2018 and January week one 2020 hospital admission with chest /breathing issues – she is an asthmatic but said this was not asthma attack- blood test pathology could not determine virus- suspicions coul be early pre evolved coronavirus strain ? Very disturbingly has had heart spasms/pain virtually daily since – other health issues present that complicate situation


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