Lives before profit with the HeartHero disruptive AED

In episode #35, Paul talks with Gary Montague, who went from being in the CIA to the CEO of start-up HeartHero, who want to disrupt the market with their new Automated External Defibrillator called Elliott.

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Gary talks about his childhood which ultimately is the motivation for starting this journey and he runs us through how he has gone from nothing to the position where they have a viable device which is ready for official testing and approval. An engrossing look into the world of defibrillators and how their device is attempting to bring AED’s into the 21st Century.

The device is being targetted as a “Lifestyle” device and will be small, stylish, use off-the-shelf batteries and feature technologies such as smartphone integration, GPS tracking, automated emergency services calling and they aim to build the highest-quality and least-expensive AED on the market. If they achieve their aim they will perhaps disrupt the market place for the greater good.

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Presented by Paul Swindell and edited by Matt Nielson.

Recorded January 2020. 

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