The smartband helping ICD owners with Kristian Webb

In episode #34, Paul talks with Kristian Webb, a Cardiac Physiologist and CEO of LOIS Medical a startup developing a new wearable device for those with an ICD.

Kristian tells us of the story of how he got into Cardiac Physiology and his desire to help more people through various mediums such as books (as Carl Robinson) and courses (Medmastery) and more recently as part of a start-up.

LOIS Medical is developing a new wearable device, the LOIS Respond to alert loved ones when someone they know with an ICD receives a shock with the aim of providing extra reassurance that the wearer is ok, thus alleviating any unnecessary stress and worry.

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Presented by Paul Swindell and edited by Matt Nielson.

Recorded January 2020. 

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