The ultimate survivor with Jonathan Jenkyn

In episode #45, Paul talks with the very remarkable Jonathan Jenkyn who has not only survived a sudden cardiac arrest but also a potentially fatal kidney condition and he has recently beaten an aggressive form of cancer.

Jonathan maybe extremely unlucky in having had the Grim Reaper have 3 attempts at him, and although he defeated this wiley foe he did not escape entirely unscathed from the experiences.

Dad diagnoses himself with cancer while helping daughter revise ...

However, he is wiser and more upbeat than many and has a positive outlook and attitude to life that many of us would do well to take note of. He takes us through both his cancer and cardiac arrest experiences, his running, his loss of ability to play the guitar, the benefits of giving back and he imparts some very interesting information about ICD’s along the way.

He also compares the two experiences and the impact that they have had on him and his family.

An amazing story of survival, told in an eloquent and engaging way from someone who has earned the right to the accolade of “the ultimate survivor.”

An essential listen to survivors of all types and beyond!

P.S. A few days after recording this episode Jonathan fulfilled one of his bucket list by recording a song with his daughter and he released it on Youtube, it’s rather good and will inspire all those who may have lost some musical ability after an event like an SCA.

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Presented and edited by Paul Swindell.

Recorded May 2020. 

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