The good samaritan with Professor Mark Wilson

In episode #50, the season 2 finale, Paul talks with Professor Mark Wilson who is qualified in both neurology and pre-hospital care and works at the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and for Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance Trust. He is also the co-founder of the GoodSAM platform and app and this is what we talk about today.

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Professor Wilson takes us through the inception of the platform as a way to reduce deaths from cardiac arrest and it’s take-up by many across the UK and further afield. The platform has gained additional services and responsibilities and is being used to manage the NHS Coronavirus Volunteer responders programme.

In just a few years the GoodSAM team have built an enviable platform and reputation and Professor Wilson takes us through what it can do to help those in cardiac arrest and beyond.

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Presented and edited by Paul Swindell.

Recorded June 2020. 

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