The Death Sofa

Just over 5 years ago, I dropped dead for the first time sitting on this sofa (bet you can’t guess which seat 🤦🏻‍♀️).

Luckily I was sitting next to a paramedic!

It’s needed to go to sofa heaven for a long, long time – but bizarrely it became my ‘safe’ space. In my head, if I hadn’t been sitting there, I wouldn’t be here now.

I’m disturbingly attached to it!

A few weeks ago, talking to my therapist on Zoom, I mentioned my relationship with the sofa I was talking to her from. Apparently, I gave her goosebumps! She pointed out what an unhealthy relationship it is. She was very emphatic when she said…

“The sofa has to go…
…get rid of it”

My daughter and grandkids refer to it as ‘The Death Sofa

So, today, I have said goodbye.

We are finally over.

It may have played a very large part in my recuperation, but our relationship has become toxic.

I don’t need a reminder every time I sit down.

I’m not allowing it to give me backache anymore.

It can no longer embarrass me in front of my friends.

I’m feeling slightly bereft, but so far I’m handling our break-up pretty well I think.

I’m moving on.

I can do this!!

5 thoughts on “The Death Sofa”

  1. Well done Charlotte, a brave decision and I am sure the correct one. Have you replaced the sofa? How are you feeling now, ready to move on, onwards and upwards.

  2. Interesting that we come from opposite ends of the spectrum. I had my SCA at my kitchen table while writing a business plan on my laptop. I cannot sit there now without some pretty intense anxiety. Even now, I subconsciously turned that space into a “collect all” area for junk!
    Thank you for pointing this out. Time for a new table!

  3. It’s a good excuse for a bit of spending. It is surreal how we attach meaning to these inanimate objects. Strangely, I don’t have the same attachment to the house and regularly want to sell up! Although I have replaced the sofa with an almost identical one! One step at a time 😂. Happy table shopping x

  4. It is strangely cathartic, although I have replaced it with an almost identical one 🤦🏻‍♀️. Every day is another small step – even 5 years on! X


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