Toasting the Survivors: A Poem Celebrating Second Chances

Ed: In the face of sudden cardiac arrest, survival can often feel like a matter of chance. For those who have emerged from the other side, every day is a reminder of the fragility of life, and the incredible resilience of the human spirit. This sentiment is beautifully captured in the poem "Almost," which acknowledges the struggles and triumphs of survivors, and those who support them.

My re-birthday was upcoming, and I’d been having a lot of thoughts that I’ve been jotting down… hope you enjoy x


This is my toast to the almost, to the so close, who stood with old ghosts.

The ones that came back, reached for life,

for their kids, and for their wife.

Survivors that aren't right, wake all night,

still question and swim in self doubt.

Palpitation worries, memory hurries,

medication overload and pharmacy scurries.

To the new norms and shattered dreams,

internal battles and frustration screams.

The CPR heroes, increasing chances from zero, strangers who stop, after watching you drop.

Doctors & nurses, who do it not for full purses, family & friends who get you back on the mend.

Worried parents and tearful moments,

brave faces and medical components.

ECG scans, counsellor’s plans,

the simple pleasure of just holding your hand.

To the second chance, a round two dance,

Who now view the world, from a different stance.

From the skin of your teeth, you’ve seen the beneath, know what’s waiting, how far will we reach?

Few tell the tale, of how far we did sail,

not a joyous journey, yet we did prevail.

A few scrapes and bruises, who knows what my mood is? this wind changes daily, but i’ll face it bravely.

So here’s to you all, who came along for the ride, we all wouldn’t be here if you weren’t by our side.

Fill up your glass & rise to your feet,

to overcome the worst is no easy feat.

I salute to you all, for passing the post,

this is my toast to the almost.

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