Finding Meaning After Surviving Cardiac Arrest

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Surviving a cardiac arrest can raise profound existential questions about life, death, and meaning. These thoughts are normal, but can also feel overwhelming. With time, support, and self-compassion, survivors can process their experience and move forward. Why Me? Making Sense of the Unexpected Cardiac arrest strikes suddenly and without warning. In an instant, your sense … Read more

Recovery and Expectations for Cardiac Arrest Survivors: Insights from Recent Research

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For those who have survived a cardiac arrest, a long and winding road of rehabilitation lies ahead. Emerging research provides some guideposts on what survivors may expect during the recovery process regarding regaining function, independence, and quality of life. Light at the End of the Tunnel A recent study published in JAMA Neurology offered a … Read more

Four Simple Exercises to Strengthen Your Attention and Aid Recovery for Cardiac Arrest Survivors

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Cardiac arrest survivors often face challenges in regaining focus and managing distractions during recovery. In today’s age of constant stimulation and information overload, it can be especially difficult to regain control of one’s attention. However, by incorporating mindfulness exercises into their routine, cardiac arrest survivors can strengthen their ability to pay attention, reduce distractibility, and … Read more