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Our facebook group is really thriving with now over 300 members and whenever I get the chance to promote the group I do.  So when talking to a cardiologist about it he asked me what the makeup of the group was, and I thought I had an idea, but it was based on a hunch … Read more


I made a comment earlier today on a group post about how most of us would class ourselves as being lucky, but on reflection, it’s not quite as simple as that. Whilst the majority succumb to the fatal embrace of the grim reaper, we the few, have experienced varying degrees of good fortune. Perhaps most … Read more

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When you’ve had an SCA it’s more than likely that previously you knew nothing about them, I know I certainly didn’t.  Probably the most famous case in the UK where someone has survived is Fabrice Muamba’s in 2012.  I knew of it, but I didn’t really know any of the details apart from he was … Read more