Paul Swindell

After our first meet-up in February 2015, I realised I was not alone. It was the first time since my cardiac arrest the previous year that I had spoken face-to-face with someone who had experienced what I had. This was also true for my wife, who also happened to be my lifesaver. From that meet-up, the idea of SCA UK was born. Since then, we have achieved a considerable amount, primarily providing information, resources and support to others in a similar situation but also raising the profile of survivorship and the need for better post-discharge care. We are starting to get traction in this, and with the formation of the charity, I genuinely believe we have a bright future ahead and will make a significant difference in the lives of many who join our ranks.

AED on the wall

Fab group post from one of our members the other day… “Hi, I am a community first responder for the Welsh ambulance service. I have an AED in a heated cabinet on my house for the public to use if needed. My local community helped me raise the money to buy them both.” What a ...

Impressive AED statistic from Holland

Doctor Hans van Schuppen who describes himself as an Anesthesiologist and Resuscitationist tweeted today an impressive statistic coming out of the Dutch resuscitation community… “In Holland, an #AED is placed before ambulance arrival in 65% of all out-of-hospital cardiac arrest cases. One-month survival is around 25% (total, all initial rhytms). The AED is getting so ...

Lucky coincidences?

When I tell people my survival story I’m quite often told “you had someone looking after you that day”, mostly I guess they say that because I had a number of lucky breaks which meant at least I had a chance of surviving. Firstly, like approximately 80% of sudden cardiac arrests, my event was at ...

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