Freddie Dawkins

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Time for a quieter life?

It’s just over 15 months since my original heart attack and following short SCA (just over 3 minutes, I was very lucky). Ups and Downs It’s been a period of real ups and downs. Initial recovery (just as went into the first lockdown) was good. I had 6 weeks to build myself up. Then elation ...

Out of survivor mode

Okay, so my heart stopped beating for several minutes last January. But I’m still here. And this week has been a bit special. Eight months to the day since I was admitted to SouthendResus, just a few minutes before my heart temporarily retired. Six months to the day since I had my CRT-D implant at ...

From Resus to Smiling Again – The Journey Back

Friday 19 June 2020 It’s 12 weeks to the day since receiving my Medtronic CRT-D implant. My initial arrest was back on the evening of 29 January. So I’ve been fairly isolated for much of the time, brilliantly supported by my wife and two cats. What a time to be ill – in the midst ...

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