Dare to dream

Main text originally posted into the Facebook Group November 2015, epilogue June 2016 and republished with permission Little did I think as I lay in hospital post SCA that one day I would be sitting here today in this place writing this post. At 4am in June 2013 I suffered an SCA whilst sleeping, my … Read more

Altered Minds

It’s odd being an SCA survivor because you do seem to think differently to how you used to. I was stood on a platform yesterday 6ft high using an angle grinder on our boat hull. Firstly I noted that the on switch locked on which meant if I dropped it then it might not turn … Read more

I just get sad

I stood mesmerised, looking up at the Gin clear star studded sky noting the slightly jaunty angle of Orions Belt. The wash of the passing waves created a puzzling symphony of percussion mixed with cymbals as they slapped and swished against the hulls of our catamaran as she effortlessly glided along under headsail alone in … Read more