Submission Criteria

If you’ve been affected by a sudden cardiac arrest and you’re in the UK (or a UK ex-pat) and have something relevant to say we’d happily consider it for publishing on our blog.  Sudden cardiac arrests are not that widely known and are often confused with a heart attack and so we’re keen on getting perspectives from all angles.

If you’d like to share your relevant story or have knowledge in a particular area you’d like to share then please contact us.

Creating a compelling post

  • Length: Between 300 and 800 words is ideal. Up to 1000 words if needed.
  • Share your voice: Especially for personal stories, express your ideas as you would to a good friend, including your struggles and inspirations along the way. If you have discovered a new perspective, we want to know.
  • Coming up with a title: Think of what would grab the reader and make her/him curious. Let them know about a problem you are solving, a way to improve their life, or something new that you have discovered.
  • First paragraph: Your first sentence should make the reader want to know more. A strong first paragraph gives a clear and engaging idea of what the post will talk about, or what the reader will learn.
  • Make your point: If a few words can get to the heart of what you’re conveying, then you don’t need more. One detailed example is also often better than a long list of them.
  • Images: A picture can speak 1000 words, but please make sure they are your own or copyright free.
  • Make It accessible: Use accessible language that even readers new to your topic can understand. We can help modify content, title and pictures if needed.
  • Backing it Up: When you mention a statistic or a research study, (even “research states”) please add a link to that source. These sources can range from news outlets to academic journals etc. This allows readers to learn more if they want to get deeper into the topic.
  • Make it interesting: Don’t just catalogue a series of events, add feeling and emotion to help readers understand what was happening and how you were reacting

Suggestions for articles

Your SCA story, be it as a survivor, partner, lifesaver, health professional or any other person who has been affected by a sudden cardiac arrest.

  • Life post-SCA – what has your experience been like?
  • Practical issues – real-life experiences of how you’ve coped
  • Living with an ICD – a pain or a great insurance policy?
  • Your saviours – tell about what it was like to meet them
  • Sports – have a sport that you’re passionate about and have you managed to continue it post SCA or have you taken up something new?
  • Under 35? – Many incorrectly assume that an SCA is a heart attack and only happens to older people. We know it doesn’t and so it would be good help educate others
  • Treatments – have you had any new or unusual treatments post SCA?
  • Positive thinking/role models – what positive things have helped your recovery
  • Moving on – being “cured”?  What have you done to help you move on from the SCA experience?
  • Government -Have you had any notable experiences when dealing with government services?  i.e. DVLA, Department for Work & Pensions


Ideally, articles should be submitted in electronic format i.e. Word, PDF or Google doc format. At a push, we’ll take handwritten or typed content.

Any images should be of a high resolution, and be aware that we may need to edit or crop as required.


In 2018 and 2020 the best of the blog were published compilations as e-books and paperbacks and are available from Amazon. They have got great feedback and have over thirty 5* reviews!

If we have enough suitable articles we may create a further volume and if you submit an article you may get to be a published author!

All proceeds from the sales go to help run SCA UK.