Beta blockers and other meds with Dr Thomas Keeble

In episode #007 Paul talks with consultant cardiologist Dr Tom Keeble, about beta blockers and other medications that cardiac arrest survivors and other cardiac patients might be prescribed with. The conversation touches on what beta blockers are, what they do, why they are commonly prescribed, dosages, activities and side affects such as tiredness. Additionally, Dr … Read more

Life After Cardiac Arrest Podcast Episode #006

Cardiac Arrest Survivor David Jeffery Paul talks to cardiac arrest survivor David Jeffery and his remarkable story of “poacher” turned “gamekeeper”. David talks about his arrest from which he has a unique perspective, the whole thing was captured on CCTV. Following his recovery, David has looked to give back by not only talking about his … Read more

The Life After Cardiac Arrest podcast

I’m proud to announce that to go alongside the “Life After Cardiac Arrest” book we now have a podcast! The podcast is hosted by me, Paul Swindell and is conversations with people whose lives have been affected by a cardiac arrest, whether that be as a patient, partner, life-saver or health professional. The podcast aims … Read more