Magnesium for ectopics and palpitations with Dr Sanjay Gupta

In episode #46, Paul talks with consultant cardiologist Dr Sanjay Guptaon a supplement that he’s found to be beneficial for cardiac patients who experience ectopics and palpitations. And that supplement is Magnesium and in this episode Dr Gupta takes us through what ectopics and palpitations are and why he recommends taking magnesium for them. He … Read more


Recently I’ve seen so many people on Facebook say that they’re bored and think that’s a massive shame because this lockdown period is such a great opportunity to get some positive things done. I’m sure all of us can think of things to do around the house, but you’re the only one who sees that. … Read more

Getting Supplies Online

These are testing times for everyone but especially if you have an underlying medical condition that makes you vulnerable. We’ve put together a list of some useful resources that may help you to get through this period. Support as an extremely vulnerable person The UK Government has a webpage where you can register if you … Read more