Defibrillators All Party Parliamentary Group

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Last week I was invited to give evidence at a Defibrillators All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) meeting. This UK parliament group’s remit is… “To provide a forum for parliamentary discussion on the issues surrounding sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) and defibrillators, whilst providing evidence-based solutions to improve the survival rate of SCA.” This session was … Read more

Stepping up the Mission

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For eight years, we have been a steadfast source of hope and support for survivors of cardiac arrest and their loved ones. Our peer support group has been a beacon of light during their darkest hours, providing education, resources, and a compassionate community. Today, we’re proud to take our mission to the next level. We … Read more

Cardiac arrest lived experiences

We’re proud to announce our new series of videos with five survivors talking openly and succinctly about their cardiac arrest lived experiences. Not knowing what the future holds can be a very worrying time after an SCA and one way to reduce this anxiety is to learn about other survivors’ experiences. Everyone’s SCA and recovery … Read more