Facebook time

After the inaugural meetup, we continued our chats on Inspire, and much positivity came from them.  However, I felt the primarily US-focused forum was not really the place to be discussing what came to be UK based issues.

So, at the beginning of May 2015, I decided to set up a facebook group and then invite all those that had been to the meetup.  Facebook has many other cardiac-related groups including an SCA group (again is primarily US-focused) and I used these to promote the new group.

Posting in these groups and other relevant places has seen the membership of the group grow steadily to over 230 as I write.  As we are a unique bunch this isn’t too bad, but considering there are potentially 20 new members a day we could be doing better, hence this website has been created.

However, the main focal point is the facebook group and I would encourage you to join if it is applicable to you.  This is a closed i.e. private group where only members of the group can see what has been posted.

We are UK focused and so you should be based here or an ex-pat living abroad, have had a sudden cardiac arrest or be connected in some way to an SCA survivor i.e. partner, parent, close family, rescuer

We share all sorts of stuff and many people who are members have said how beneficial it has been for them – not just from medical issues, but from practical, finance and possibly the most important – psychological.

We do hope you can join us in our group

Inaugral meeting February 2015

After the tooing and frooing of getting a date, time and place that was suitable for everyone I shouldn’t of worried as everyone turned up and there was 13 of us in the end.

There were several of us who had been saved by our partners and it was a great opportunity for them to chat about what they had been through, especially as the actual event itself is probably more traumatic for them.