A fridge too far – Part 2

Guest post by Bob Reville This is part 2 of the Bob’s story, you can read part one here My friend Liam came to pick me up from the hospital. It was a strange feeling I had. A bit like the feeling at the end of a holiday when part of you doesn’t want to … Read more

A fridge too far – Part 1

Post by Bob Reville Sunday 8th September 2013 There was nothing unusual that happened beforehand. No warnings. I hadn’t done anything out of the ordinary prior to the event. In fact, I had had a pretty quiet weekend. I had stayed home Friday night. Saturday, I had done a bit of cleaning and food shopping and … Read more

Seven minutes

Seven minutes of my life are missing. All is black.All is silent. There is no consciousness, no awareness, no realisation of unconsciousness. It is silent, amorphous, a world without verbs or adjectives.None are possible.They don’t exist.Neither do I. “Hello ! Can you hear me David ?”I do not respond.“Can you hear me David ? Do … Read more