Can I go through security systems such as those found in airports?

Given the short duration of security screening, it is unlikely that your heart device will be affected by metal detectors (walk-through archways and hand-held wands) or full-body imaging scanners (also called millimetre wave scanners and 3D imaging scanners) such as those found in airports, large venues and courthouses.

The metal case of your heart device could set off a metal detector. To minimize the risk of temporary interference with your heart device while going through the security screening process, avoid touching metal surfaces around any screening equipment. Do not stop or linger in a walk-through archway; simply walk through the archway at a normal pace.

If a hand-held wand is used, ask the security operator not to hold it over your heart device and not to wave it back and forth over your heart device. You may also request a hand search as an alternative. If you have concerns about these security screening methods, show your device ID card, request an alternative screening, and then follow the instructions of the security personnel.

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