Can I use a chainsaw? 

Yes, but extreme caution should be excised at all times.

Follow the safety precautions below to minimize the risk of interfering with your heart device while using a chainsaw.

  • Maintain a 6-inch distance between the motor of an electric chainsaw and your heart device.
  • Ensure the equipment is properly grounded.
  • Maintain a 12-inch distance between the components of the ignition system of a liquid fuel-powered chainsaw and your heart device. Also, it is better to use one that is built with the spark plug located away from the handgrips.
  • Immediately stop cutting and turn off your chainsaw if you start feeling lightheaded, dizzy, or you believe your implantable defibrillator has delivered a shock
  • Do not work on the engine while it is running
  • Do not touch the coil, distributor, or spark plug cables of a running engine
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