What household items can I use if I have an ICD?

If the item is used as intended and in good working condition, there is no known risk:

Battery Charger – for household batteries
Casino Slot Machine
CD/DVD/VHS Player or Recorder
Curling Iron
Electric Blanket
Electric Guitar
Electric Toothbrush
Electronic Weight Scale
Garage Door Opener
Hair Straightener
Heating Pad
Hot Tub
Ionized Air Filter
Kitchen Appliances – small and large (blender, can opener, refrigerator, stove, toaster)
Low Voltage Residential Power Lines
Massage Chair/Pad
Medical Alert Necklace
Microwave Oven
Remote Control (CD, DVD Player, TV, VHS)
Salon Hair Dryer
Shaver/Trimmer – battery powered
Tanning Bed