We understand how difficult it may be, and how easy it is to feel alone on your journey post cardiac arrest. We believe reading about others’ difficulties and triumphs can help with understanding that you are not alone.  We have compiled some of our member’s stories for you, so you can read and relate to others in your situation.

If you would like to take the time to write your own story, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from you, and use your experiences to inspire others to achieve as well.

If you would like to dig a little deeper or examine a different aspect of life post SCA then you may want to consider writting a longer piece for our blog. You can find ideas and recommendations for submissions here.

Seven minutes of my life are missing.

Epilogue Seven minutes of my life are missing. All is black. All is silent. There is no consciousness, no awareness, no realisation of unconsciousness. It is silent, amorphous, a world without verbs or adjectives. None are possible. They don’t exist. Neither do I.   “Hello ! Can you hear me David ?” I do not respond. “Can you hear me David ? Do you know where you are?” There is a bemused look on my face. I still don’t respond. “Lie down David and try to relax, we’re here to help you” Reality seems strange, it’s as if I am… Read more “Seven minutes of my life are missing.”

David J

End of the roller coaster

Just over a year has passed since I had my sudden cardiac arrest at 21 years old at my desk and life since has been full of ups and downs. Life after a cardiac arrest is one that can only be described as a roller-coaster which people only understand once they have had one. I received a phone call from someone who worked for my local ambulance trust a day before my ‘1 year anniversary’ asking me whether I would be happy to attend a ‘survivors afternoon’ with the crews that attended my cardiac arrest on the day.  I was finally at… Read more “End of the roller coaster”

Imogen G

Dare to Dream

Little did I think as I lay in hospital post SCA that one day I would be sitting here today in this place writing this post. At 4am in June 2013 I suffered an SCA whilst sleeping, my partner Dawn awoke up by sheer chance to find me face down in the pillow bathed in sweat, but quite dead, ironically the very day we were due to fly to Spain for a tennis holiday. She turned me over onto my back and phoned an ambulance before commencing CPR. The ambulance arrived 8 minutes later and worked on me for a… Read more “Dare to Dream”


Liams series of fortunate events

A series of fortunate things happened that morning at 5.00am so that I was able to be revived and begin my recovery. Firstly, instead of ‘slipping away’ I had a sudden uncontrollable fit that woke up my wife Marie. She then had the whereabouts to call upon my friend Helen who was sleeping downstairs in the sofa, and our neighbour Adele to give her some help and clarity. It took paramedics from the North West Ambulance service and firefighters from the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue service 6 minutes to arrive, and then 30 minutes to restart my heart. I… Read more “Liams series of fortunate events”

Liam S

Stubborn old gits

Two months ago today I had my SCA. 25 minutes of CPR until the air ambulance got to the farm.  My wife did the CPR for 15 minutes, first responder took over and they shared the last ten minutes between them. Eventually was defibrillated and flown away. ICD fitted ten days later. 14 days after rushed in again as a pulmonary embolism put in an appearance. Yesterday I was visited by 3 different nurses at home. They all said I’m lucky to be alive. I said I feel ok and was able to walk about 50 yards, but complained I felt… Read more “Stubborn old gits”

Keith L

Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets

The Legends and The Commons & Lords I remember waking up 5 years ago today, excited that Id be once again playing at Twickenham.  I had a hearty breakfast in the hotel and headed down to the Stadium. The Legends were in the visitors changing room, whilst the opposition were occupying the England changing room.  Both teams knew each other well and we’d been in and out of each others changing rooms to share the banter.  It was also special for me as Rory Murphy would be playing at Twickenham for the first time and also playing with his Dad! Now, I’d not… Read more “Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets”

Alex M

In the long run

Friday January 22nd 2016 started out as any other day. It was day 114 of my ‘run every day’ streak running challenge where I had committed to running a minimum of 10K a day, every day. My body had adapted well and had got used to my daily 50-60-minute run. Only a few weeks earlier I had climbed Ben Nevis on New Year’s Eve in the snow, with my wife Bev and followed up with a 10K run when I got back down. On New Year’s Day I celebrated with a solo 19 mile run around Loch Leven. The week… Read more “In the long run”

Ryk D

The eight times I died

I’m writing this blog because I feel like I need to chronicle my experiences and clear my head. I occasionally can’t sleep (like tonight) as it all plays in my head too loudly so I find writing it down has helped. So, these are the stories of the 8 times I died. 1 :: Train Station :: 20 years old I don’t remember much about the initial cardiac arrest that started it all, only 3rd party stories from my family and friends who had to experience it for me, and some of the bystanders who were nearby when it happened.… Read more “The eight times I died”

Jamie P

A date I’ll never forget and a day I’ll never remember

I live in Tallaght, Dublin with my wife Rose. The 28th of February 2015 is a date I’ll never forget and a day I’ll never remember. The night before was a Friday and I had worked my last day in work prior to moving to a new job. This would be the last memory I would have until the following Thursday. I woke up on the Saturday morning and felt alright. A work medical had uncovered high blood pressure which was a surprise because I took care of myself and had never been ill to any degree. I went for… Read more “A date I’ll never forget and a day I’ll never remember”

Brendan K