Survivor Survey

We conducted a short survey to find out what it means and feels like to be a survivor of a sudden cardiac arrest.

There were the following 15 questions and survivors could answer as candidly or freely as they liked.

Survivors experiences vary widely, but from the responses you will see that there are common themes that run through them.

The responses are shown along with the respondees name, age at the time of their SCA and the time that has elapsed since then.


What does it feel like to be a survivor?

What was your diagnosis?

What relevant medical procedures have happened?

Have you received any medical devices?

How are you physically now?

How are you neurologically?

How would you describe your mental health?

How has your lifestyle changed?

How has your work/school life been affected?

How has your family dynamic or relationships changed?

How has your sport/exercise regime been affected?

What practical issues have you encountered?

Have you found “normal”?

How have you coped?

What would you say to expect after an SCA?