Survivor Survey – Coped

Q: How have you coped?

What have you done that has helped you adjust/recover from what has happened?

Responses with name, age at SCA and time since

I just got on with my life. I was only out of work for 4 months. My original employer took me back, no question. I stayed with them for a further 15 years.

Mark,  46, 23 years

Tried to get back on with life as best I can that you

Lee,  37, 5 1/2 years

Retreated from society.

Anon,  36, 11 years

Meditating to rest my body and raise my sub concious higher.

Lisa,  35, 4 months

I am going to book in to have some CBT

Carly,  34, 1 month

Cardiac rehab was a lifeline. Having goals , such as a holiday and then taking small steps towards it . Getting a dog was great therapy – took my mind off the worry , had calming effect , encouraged exercise .

Michelle,  50, 1 year

Day by day. Do what I can and wont do what I cant or dont want to. I am stronger in that way as I don’t really worry anymore. Whats the worse that can happen to you? Whats really important?

Robyn,  57, 18 months

Create my own coping mechanisms over the years

Graeme,  36, 10 years

Refuse to go down the ‘what if?’ route!

Michelle,  42, 4 years

I think I have coped pretty well, without sounding arrogant, I am quite proud of myself. The beginning was a very dark place, and to be where I am today I am amazed that I have come through feeling ‘almost’ like a normal person.

Judy,  39, 3 years

Not to have high expectations but to set easily achievable goals to get you back to normal

Natasha,  25, 4.5 years

Really good occupational therapy and a brilliant cardiac rehab programme and team.

Clare,  31, Almost 5 months.

I take each day as it comes, read listen to music, watch TV/films, anything to take my mind off my health issues.

Brenden,  56, 4 years

I’ve coped by having counselling sessions(only four), I’ve also been lucky enough to meet all the South East Coast Ambulance service crew who attended on the day as well as the Air Ambulance crew and this definitely helped me. It was a massive closure for me.

Imogen,  21, 2 years

Found it difficult at first but it is getting easier with time

Dawn,  48, 3 years


Anon,  70, 10 months

Force myself to keep going

Tracy,  50, 3 years

Just be positive!! Enjoy. Love x

Sue,  51, 8 months

Joined support groups, on line and local to myself.

Lisa,  40, 7 years

As I cannot remember a thing from the day before the incident through to a number of days following my release from hospital, I tried to understand what, how and when things happened including revisiting the location and meeting with the bystander CPR rescuer, Fire Brigade (first responders), Ambulance crew, Air Ambulance Paramedic and Doctor, Intensive Care Unit doctors and nurses and witnesses. i.e. all those persons who were involved. I’ve also completed CPR & AED training and I speak on awareness whenever I have the opportunity.

Mark,  56, 14 months

This website

Stewart,  53, 3 years

I have had to juest get on with it

Joanne,  48, 23 months

Talking about it and medication

Pat,  51, 15 months

my feeling is life goes on and i’m grateful i survived and you have to carry on and not dwell on what could have happened, life’s too short to moan on

Lynne,  47, 21 months


Michelle,  43, 5 years

Walking has helped- advice from my cardiologist! Great family support has been necessary. Beyond that, it’s just a case of taking things day by day.

Andy,  51, 5 years

Joined SCA UK, shared my story and helped fundraise to put defibs in my village

Julie,  31, 8 years

Just, very much by the skin of my teeth. Talk. Ask for help

Ben,  32, 1 year 2 months

Use a mobility scooter to do my shopping as I live alone

Maureen,  68, 7 years

I go for a walk every day to try and build my strength back up.

Joe,  52, 4 weeks

Coped with support of family and close friends.

Kym,  40, 3 years