Survivor Survey – Feeling

Q: What does it feel like to be a survivor?

Can you briefly summarise your feeling at having survived an event where most do not

Responses with name, age at SCA and time since

Guilty because I survived and so many friends haven’t

Lisa,  40, 7 years

My lifestyle has slowed down immensely.

Lisa,  40, 7 years

Relief and guilt

Tracy,  50, 3 years

Bit surreal really. I was lucky i was on an operating table when i had my event. Dont know anything about it, just that they took 30 seconds to get me back.

Anon,  56, 15 months

Lucky to be alive unlucky that it happened at all.

Graeme,  36, 10 years

Extremely lucky!

Natasha,  25, 4.5 years

Very lucky to be where I was at the time of my SCA. Still can’t believe I’m still here and survived it.

Lee,  37, 5 1/2 years

Very lucky

Michelle,  43, 5 years

Strange. Mine happened at home approx 6am. Every day I wake up is a blessing Always a worry. Most friends have given me a wide birth since my SCA

Joanne,  48, 23 months

Truly amazing…. better odds to win the lottery, forever in debt to my wife lifesaver

Ben,  32, 1 year 2 months

Lucky and grateful

Stewart,  53, 3 years

Lucky , and fortunate for being given a second chance. Sometimes sad for the life changed , sometimes anxious .

Michelle,  50, 1 year

Living from day to day!

Brenden,  56, 4 years

Indifferent at best.

Anon,  36, 11 years


Clare,  31, Almost 5 months.

Very lucky

Anon,  70, 10 months


Lynne,  47, 21 months

Mixed feelings. Obviously feel very fortunate and blessed but also guilty.

Mark,  56, 14 months

Bewildering…eternally grateful!

Michelle,  42, 4 years

Very lucky and thankful and a desire to do everything there is to do and value life, family and friends

Julie,  31, 8 years

Surreal. But I feel more vunreable.

Lisa,  35, 4 months

It’s a lot to take in but as time goes by, it’s a lot easier to deal with and I find myself to be very lucky.

Imogen,  21, 2 years

Proud, happy, scared, worried

Pat,  51, 15 months

I’m so happy to be here!! I love life x

Sue,  51, 8 months

Extremely fortunate but life changing event

Kym,  40, 3 years

I don’t class myself as a survivor. I was extremely lucky. My own GP was driving to work and saw me collapse on the pavement. He stopped his car and started CPR.

Amy,  17, 14 years

I know how lucky I am that I was in the right place at the right time and it wasnt my time. Sometimes I cant believe it really happened but I know it did as I have an ICD, I know I feel different physically and mentally. When I cant do something I could do in the past eg. multi task remembering etc. I think is it normal eg. aging or SCA.

Robyn,  57, 18 months

Strange, I feel different to everyone else in some way

Judy,  39, 3 years

I feel lucky to have survived but still anxious as it’s early days!

Joe,  52, 4 weeks

Extremely thankful, can’t put into words

Carly,  34, 1 month


Maureen,  68, 7 years

I am more relaxed

Pat,  51, 15 months

Angry at times but lucky

Anon,  70, 10 months

Both lucky and unlucky, healthy and unhealthy…but finally, glad

Andy,  51, 5 years

I feel lucky to have been given a second chance

Dawn,  48, 3 years

I am eternally grateful for my 2nd chance at life. I would never have seen 2 of my children get married nor the birth of my 3 grandchidren. My wife and I have recently celebrated our 45th wedding anniversary, as well. Impossible to put a value on all that, is it not?

Mark,  46, 23 years