We have produced many specialist publications that relate to life after cardiac arrest, including several volumes of our Life After Cardiac Arrest book and an array of leaflets available below.


Compilation volumes of articles from our blog and group are available from Amazon in many territories. They feature stories from survivors, lifesavers and others on subjects relating to life after cardiac arrest. Nearly all of the material is freely available on our website and group but these paperback and kindle forms are easier to access and additionally they raise some funds to help us continue doing what we do.

NB: Links above are for the UK Amazon store, but the books are available in the US, Australia, Europe and many other territories.


We are currently working on a number of projects to develop resources for our members both in an online form (this website) and as documents in their own right that can be read using a device or can be printed into hardcopy.

SCA UK Information

A short introduction to our organisation and our aims. It is intended to be distributed to hospitals and other locations where SCA survivors will be cared for.

The Chain of Survival

For those who have been involved with or witnessed a resuscitation attempt. Further information is also available here.

I Care

For those who care about someone who has had a cardiac arrest. Further information is also available here.

Managing Fatigue

Information and help from occupational therapist and fatigue expert Donna Malley. Further information is also available here.

Cognitive problems

Information and help on common cognitive problems after a cardiac arrest.

Mental Health Well-being

Information and help on mental health well-being after a cardiac arrest.