Guinness World Record Attempt Car sharing

If you are stuck for a ride to the event or can offer a lift, why not use the RideVu Car Sharing service which enables the matching of spare seats with passengers.

We have set up the Guinness World Record Attempt Beating Hearts, Beating Records as an event on RideVu and any requests or offers to ride will be shown below.

It is free and you can find other event-goers to share rides with as well as  saving money by sharing driving costs.  It also helps the environment by reducing traffic and pollution.

Use the links below to offer or request a ride, and you can use your Facebook profile to login or alternatively use your email address to create a new account.

Offer a Ride

Request a Ride

Please note that the organisers do not take any responsibility or liability for any car sharing that is undertaken and this service is purely provided to help as many people attend the event as possible.