Guinness World Record Attempt Survivor Registration

The following form is only to be used to register for the Guinness World Record Attempt of the largest gathering of cardiac arrest survivors in one place.  Tickets for the evening event need to be ordered separately.

The record attempt is taking place on Saturday 9th June at the Essex Cardiothoracic Centre and for more information please go to the event page.

We are asking survivors to register before the event to ensure that we have the required number of confirmed cardiac arrest survivors and so that the process on the day is as smooth as possible. You must upload images of passport or driving licence for Id and also a document confirming that you have had a cardiac arrest.  You must also remember to bring the originals of these documents on the actual day.

As part of our evidence pack that forms our record entry we must provide photos and video footage of the actual attempt.  Guinness World Records use these to verify our attempt, but also have rights to use these in their publicity and other publications.  You must consent to this to be able to take part.

Please note that there is no minimum age limit, therefore for minors who do not possess a driving licence or passport, a signed statement from a parent or guardian, with a photo attached, will suffice as Id.

Be aware that if you are using an Android phone that you should not use the embedded Facebook browser for completing this form as it does not support the file upload feature required.


Please upload a scan or photo of your evidence that you have had a cardiac arrest.
The document needs to be on official paper i.e. from your hospital, GP or consultant
It should contain the words or a phrase equating to a cardiac arrest
eg. cardiac arrest, VF arrest, sustained VF, asystole
If it only says Heart Attack or Myocardial Infarction then there is a chance you may not qualify. Please consult your doctor.

Files must be smaller than 10mb and of the following types pdf, png, jpg or jpeg

Please upload a scan or photo of your identity document.
The document needs to be either a passport or driving license

Files must be smaller than 10mb and of the following types pdf, png, jpg or jpeg

Note that you will only be able to register if you check the following boxes


Please note that reviewing the documents is a manual process and in some cases it can take a little time to do, however everyone WILL receive a confirmation email confirming the status of their registration. This is only done Monday – Friday, 10:00 to 17:00 . If you haven’t received your confirmation within 48 hours of uploading (excluding weekends) please do let us know.

If you are looking to stay overnight in the area please take a look at the accomodation section on the event page.

Should you encounter any issues please don’t hesitate to contact us.