CPR Training

Knowing CPR and how to use an AED are essential life skills that enable you to have confidence should you ever be in a situation to be able to help someone who has a sudden cardiac arrest.

If you are interested in learning CPR and AED skills then there are many organisations across the country that can you achieve this. Some offer full-blown first aid course that includes CPR+AED skills as part of the course, others are specific CPR+AED trainers. There are both commercial and charitable organisation providing these courses and so the cost will vary, although some organisations provide it for free.

Resuscitation Council UK

Resuscitation Council UK are the primary organisation in this country for driving the message home about CPR and AED skills. They help to save lives by developing guidelines, influencing policy, delivering courses and supporting cutting-edge research. Through education, training and research, they’re working towards the day when everyone in the country has the skills they need to save a life

CPR in Schools

If you are looking for training for a school child then you will be pleased to know that from 2020 in England, teaching CPR is part of the Health Education curriculum for secondary school students and is recommended for students aged 12+. It states that pupils should know life-saving skills, including how to administer CPR and the purpose of defibrillators and when one might be needed. Other parts of the UK vary in their approach to this topic. Resuscitation Council UK has more detailed information on this.

Restart a Heart Day

Every October, hundreds of thousands of people across the UK – and many more worldwide – learn CPR as part of the Restart a Heart campaign.

The campaign is led in the UK by Resuscitation Council UK alongside the British Heart Foundation, British Red Cross, St John Ambulance and Yorkshire Ambulance Service. Every UK Ambulance service joins in to ensure as many people as possible are trained in life-saving skills.

If you want to take part contact your local ambulance service using the details given on the Resuscitation Council UK page for Restart a Heart Day.

Training Organisations

To help you get on a course we’ve put together a list of many of the organisations in the UK that can provide training in CPR and AED skills.

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