Insurance can be a tricky subject after a sudden cardiac arrest, but there are companies out there who are SCA patient friendly…

Heart Charities

As insurance is a common concern for heart patients the main charities have their own webpages dedicated to helping you get cover…

Arrhythmia Alliance

British Heart Foundation

Like many other consumer sectors a comparison website now exists for medical travel insurance and it allow you to compare quotes from leading travel insurers that specialise in covering pre-existing medical conditions.

Medical Travel Compared

Facebook group help

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You can do a medical screen online BEFORE buying insurance to check that you can be covered at Health Screen 247

Travel Insurance

All of the following companies have been used successfully by members of the group


Freedom Insurance

All Clear


Columbus Direct

Holiday Extras

Paying Too Much

Insure and Go

…and if you’re into sailing


Life Insurance

Possibly difficult to get with a history of being occasionally “dead”, but at least one member has got some since their event

Legal and General

And if you ever have any problems with a policy, it might be wise to get some independent help

Financial Ombudsman

In the press

Sorry heart stopping for 20 minutes doesn’t count as critical illness

Why won’t our travel insurance pay out after my husbands cardiac arrest