Virtual Fitness Clubs

Whether you’ve had an SCA or not it’s always a good idea to keep yourself fit and healthy and even if you’re dedicated to your sport keeping motivated can sometimes be a problem.

To help keep you on track we have a number of virtual fitness clubs which are for anyone affected by a sudden cardiac arrest.  They are not meant to be competitive in any way, just to give you an indication what is possible for some after an SCA.

You’ll need a Fitbit fitness tracker and associated account (free) to join the Fitbit club…

SCA UK Fitbit Club

And very popular with cyclists and runners is the Strava app.  It links with many of the popular fitness devices such as trackers, GPS units and the like.  It’s free to use at a basic level and if you’re more serious about keeping fit an upgrade to the Premium membership would be more than welcome.

SCA UK Strava Club

And if you partake in parkrun and you’re not in a running club you can select Sudden Cardiac Arrest UK as a club!

parkruns in Dorset · LiveWell Dorset

Be aware that some of the members of the group are very serious about their sport and put in what looks like super human amounts of effort each month.  It may be a little intimidating if you’re just starting your fitness regime, but don’t be put off, use it to inspire you!

If you have any ideas for other virtual fitness clubs please do let us know.

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