The emotional and psychological trauma resulting from stressful events like a sudden cardiac arrest can crush your sense of security and may make you feel helpless and vulnerable.

Joining a peer support group like our Facebook group can be of great benefit but sometimes professional help is needed, and this is where counselling aka talking therapies comes in.

Types of counselling

There is a whole range of specialist therapies available but as far as we are aware non dedicated to cardiac arrest survivors. Common therapies experienced by members of our group include


Any therapy provided through the NHS should be free of charge. Here are the common routes to access talking therapies through the NHS.

Unfortunately, it’s very common to have to spend time on a waiting list before getting therapy through the NHS. If this is the case you may find getting help privately a quicker alternative, but obviously, this has a cost implication. For more information on accredited counsellors see the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Promoting your BACP membership

Free counselling

Thanks to the kindness & generosity of SADS UK members of the Sudden Cardiac Arrest UK group can now get UP TO 6 FREE SESSIONS of counselling from a local BACP accredited counsellor.

These are for any members who have been directly affected by a Sudden Cardiac Arrest, be it as a survivor, lay responder, partner or witness.

However, please remember SADS UK are a charity and so if you can get timely help via your normal routes please use them first.

To take advantage of this service please go via SADS UK using the contact details on the SADS UK website and don’t forget to mention you are a member of the group.

Search for a counsellor in your area here

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