If you have an ICD or pacemaker implanted there is often a worry that it may come to some harm if it is knocked or banged. Additionally, there is the period after implantation where the incision area can be tender. In this case, you may want a little extra protection for it when travelling in a car or carrying a back pack or similar item.

A small cushion or rolled up cloth may help but if you need something a little more substantial or sturdy you may want to consider getting a purpose built protector.

Below you will find links to suppliers of various types of physical protection devices and these are provided for your convienience only and constitutes no guarentee that they do what they claim.

Impact Protection

For those who play sports or have the potential to receive an impact in the ICD region during their daily lives may consider getting one of the protectors available.

Vital Beat

They also do S-ICD protection


PaceGuard Pacemaker Guard

Heart Shield

General Sports Protection

Padded Hockey Shirts

Puck Stop

Ice Topp Sports

Seat Belt Protectors


Pressure Products (US) for Seatbelt and Bra protection products