Dare to Dream

Little did I think as I lay in hospital post SCA that one day I would be sitting here today in this place writing this post. At 4am in June 2013 I suffered an SCA whilst sleeping, my partner Dawn awoke up by sheer chance to find me face down in the pillow bathed in … Read more

End of the roller coaster

Just over a year has passed since I had my sudden cardiac arrest at 21 years old at my desk and life since has been full of ups and downs. Life after a cardiac arrest is one that can only be described as a roller-coaster which people only understand once they have had one. I received a … Read more

A date I’ll never forget and a day I’ll never remember

I live in Tallaght, Dublin with my wife Rose. The 28th of February 2015 is a date I’ll never forget and a day I’ll never remember. The night before was a Friday and I had worked my last day in work prior to moving to a new job. This would be the last memory I … Read more

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