Stubborn old gits

Two months ago today I had my SCA.

25 minutes of CPR until the air ambulance got to the farm.  My wife did the CPR for 15 minutes, first responder took over and they shared the last ten minutes between them.

Eventually was defibrillated and flown away.

ICD fitted ten days later.

14 days after rushed in again as a pulmonary embolism put in an appearance.

Yesterday I was visited by 3 different nurses at home.

They all said I’m lucky to be alive.

I said I feel ok and was able to walk about 50 yards, but complained I felt a bit tired and was told off in very stern tones that I had survived two life threatening events and that I should not expect to be doing much more than walking to the bathroom or kitchen.

They all looked at me stunned when I said I’m a stubborn old git and that is what keeps me smiling and surviving!!

They did the medical checks and shook their heads as everything was ‘normal’!

The cardiac nurse stayed a bit longer and we talked about how all her ‘stubborn old gits’ were the ones that did best in recovery.

I share this post not to boast about how wonderful I am, but to share with others that it is possible to get over these scary events, by being positive and determined.


It has changed my life, we will have to leave the farm and move to a house nearer civilisation, but as I shall be 65 soon that would have happened anyway.

So to all of you who are scared and worried, I am to, but hopefully life will return to ‘normal’ eventually.

Wishing you all the best.

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