A life of life saving with Professor Douglas Chamberlain

In season one’s finale, episode 30, Paul talks with the legendary and world-renowned cardiologist Professor Douglas Chamberlain CBE.

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Douglas is now aged 88 and started his journey into medicine in 1935 when as a 4-year-old he visited his doctor and saw something that intrigued him. From that point, he takes us through many humorous anecdotes of his life in resuscitation.

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This includes being at the inception of many important innovations for cardiac arrest survivors and many others who’ve ever called for emergency medical help.

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He talks about his research into beta-blockers, the formation of Europes first paramedic unit, the deployment of AED’s into public locations and ultimately into the hands of laypersons with the formation of CFR’s.

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A fascinating journey through Professor Chamberlain’s life as a doctor in cardiology and more importantly for survivors, resuscitation.

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He also busts a common resuscitation myth.

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Presented by Paul Swindell and edited by Matt Nielson.

Recorded December 2019. 

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