Tracking cardiac arrest outcomes with Professor Terry Brown

In episode #43, Paul talks with assistant Professor Terry Brown on the out of hospital outcomes registry which is a project conducted by The University of Warwick medical school.

Terry takes us through what the registry is and how it fits in internationally (CARES, EURECA, PAROS), what information they collect and some of the projects that they have been looking at.

From the data they have collated from the 11 ambulance services in England they have produced a number of outputs and have calculated the stats that are commonly quoted such as the survival rate of 8-10%.

Terry also talks about how the data from the registry is helping to shape the future by guiding them on what areas of the country need better coverage of defibrillators and CPR training and how drones may deliver AED’s to needy areas.

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Presented and edited by Paul Swindell.

Recorded March 2020. 

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