Brand Kit

We have assembled a Sudden Cardiac Arrest UK brand kit to help our partners, sponsors and supporters correctly use our visual identity. The brand kit includes authorised versions of our logo in various formats, such as PNG, EPS, and our brand colours.

SCA UK logo

The Sudden Cardiac Arrest UK logo is our most recognisable asset, and we kindly request that you take a moment to consider how you apply it. You are welcome to use our logo on your website or printed resources to show your support for our organisation and mission.


We have made the Sudden Cardiac Arrest UK logo available in both PNG and EPS format, which can be downloaded from the above links:

The PNG format is best suited for online use, while the EPS vector image can be scaled up or down without loss of image quality, making it ideal for print materials.

We also have an alternative logo with the text in white, shown below on a grey background.


Please do not modify or combine our logo with other visual elements when using it. We ask that you use it responsibly and appropriately to show solidarity. If you need guidance, please get in touch.

We greatly appreciate your support in raising awareness, and by using the Sudden Cardiac Arrest UK logo on your website or resources, you are helping spread our message and mission.





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