We have a number of items that you can purchase they will help spread awareness of our group and also raise funds for SADS UK who support us.

Click on the link or picture to take you to the page where you select your size and purchase the item.

Any queries relating to purchases should be directed to Street Shirts who fulfill the transactions.

Shirts are typically available in unisex sizes small to 3XL and women from 8-16.

These items are sold as a promotion on Street Shirts and have a date when the promotion will expire.  You will not be able to purchase the after after this date, but if demand is there we can re-issue or introduce new designs.


These are currently available until the 9th December 2017.

SCA UK Logo – Unisex Purple T-Shirt

So Far I Seem To Be Immortal – Unisex Purple T-Shirt

Lousy T-Shirt and My life Back


Shirts available until 9th December 2017

SCA UK Logo – Unisex Technical T-Shirt

SCA UK Dead Fast – Unisex Technical T-Shirt

SCA UK Logo – Womens Technical T-Shirt

SCA UK Logo Dead Fast – Womens Technical T-Shirt


Please note that whilst every effort will be taken to ensure your purchase is a happy one, SCA UK and SADS UK take no responsibility for services provided by third party providers.